Marketing Your Home

Getting as many people as possible to see your home is so important in order to get the best possible price out of your home. The Amanda Hill Team and Bray Real Estate have professional marketing done on every home that is listed through them. Effective marketing can obtain more buyers quicker than any other method. The marketing of Bray Real Estate combined with The Amanda Hill Team marketing your home is gauranteed to be in front of over 1000 people from the time it is listed to the time is is under contract

Bray Real Estate and The Amanda Hill Team Marketing

Bray Real Estate uses a combination of marketing and advertising techniques to make sure your home is seen by many. 

Daily Sentinel Week Advertisement

Every week Bray Real estate has a half page in the Sunday Daily Sentinel in the Real Estate weekly section. Along with other homes you home would be included with all necessary information and pictures for potential home buyer. 

Digital Marketing

Advertisements featuring your property will be displayed to potential homebuyers thousands of times on premium websites covering 96% of the internet including websites like NBC News, USA Today, CNN, ABC News, YouTube, and ESPN. 

Social Media

All homes listed with The Amanda Hill Team get marketed online through the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. With a combined 900 followers your home is shown to interested buyers across those channels. 

Just Listed Postcards

Once your house is listed Bray Real Estate will send out just listed cards with all necessary information as well as your REALTORS® contact information. This marketing card is sent to targeted clients who might be interested in the property or clients in the surrounding neighborhoods and subdivisions. 

Mobile Friendly Virtual Tour

The Amanda Hill Team understands that many clients might be purchasing homes from areas other than Western Colorado and don’t have the opportunity to see the home in person. Offering a virtual tour of the home is essential so that out of town buyers are not out of the running to buy your home. 

Overall the goal is to get your home seen by the most people possible. Using multiple marketing methods that target different demographics is why Bray Real Estate and the Amanda Hill Team are chosen by so many people in Western Colorado.