Top 7 Tips You Should Know Before Showing Your Home

Making a good first impression with the presentation of your home is another thing you can do to get your home to sell quickly. When showing your home is it important to help make the space feel like a home potential buyers can see themselves in. Here is a list of tips we recommend doing before a showing of your home.

Clear Clutter

Pack up those knick-knacks and other cluttered items to make rooms on counters and other spaces. Put extra items in storage while your home is being shown. This includes removing family photos, buyers need to see a neutral canvas where they can put down their roots instead of viewing your family tree. Take 10 minutes to throw your laundry in the washer, do the dishes, and tidy up.

Neutralize Odors

Often, you get used to the smells of your home. Ask your REALTOR® or a friend for a nose check. Shampoo your carpets if you have pets, give them baths and make sure your litter boxes are clean. 

Make Repairs

Buyers are looking for the imperfections in your home, so now’s the time to fix that leaky faucet or slow-running drain, replace the broken window panes and replace burned out light bulbs.

Enhance Curb Appeal

The first image buyers will see of your house is the outside, don’t neglect it. Trim your lawn, weed your beds and prune your shrubs. These small landscaping tasks make a world of difference to potential buyers. 

Keep Everything Well Lit

Turn on all the lights to keep your space looking bright an open. If a showing is later in the day make sure that walkways are well lit and exterior lights are on to make a good first impression even at night. 

Lock Away Valuables

Although REALTORS® can be trusted it is the best idea to keep your valuables with you or locked away during a showing!

Set The Thermostat To a Comfortable Temperature

If tours will be happening when you’re at work and you usually turn the heat off, keep it on so that buyers will be comfortable during their tour. Same goes for the summer – if you have a nice, cool house, buyers will be inclined to stay longer and enjoy the house